Jan McDowell for Congress TX24

Jan McDowell for Congress TX24

There is a lot of uncertainty around the 2022 elections at this time. Check back regularly for updates as they become available!

The 2020 Census was completed last year, and Texas will gain 2 seats in the U.S. House of Representatives, based on our increase in population since 2010. The Texas Legislature will redraw the district lines, which will determine what district you live in, and what candidate(s) you’ll be able to vote for.

The Texas Legislature is currently in their third Special Session, with the primary task of creating the new maps. To say that this is a political, partisan process would be an understatement. Republicans have a majority in both the House and Senate in Austin. Their objective will be to try to draw the map to ensure the election of as many Republicans as possible. Court challenges are likely inevitable.

So we wait.

In a normal cycle, the deadline for candidates to file to run is in early December. This year, the dates for filing, as well as for primary elections, will depend on when the governor signs the finalized new maps.

As more information becomes available, this page will be updated. Eventually, we’ll have a map of the district, followed by polling location information when those details are settled.