There is talk lately about whether ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) should be abolished. In my opinion, that debate is a distraction.

The various agencies that impact immigration are a veritable alphabet soup. Each agency is responsible for managing policies in specific areas of immigration. Therefore, I believe that it is the policies that should be changed, whether or not a given agency is eliminated.

Politically, there seems to be an effort to drive a wedge between pieces of the Democratic party. I think Democrats should avoid that temptation and get to work solving the problem.

Our immigration system is clearly broken. Congress has avoided doing anything substantive to fix it. What is needed is a clear set of rules that acknowledge the need we have for immigrants’ labor, as well as the passion and culture that they bring to our country. At the same time, care must be taken to prevent the entry of people who would do us harm.

So…let us be grateful for the good fortune we have in the USA, and for the fact that we are indeed a destination of hope for people in less fortunate areas. And let’s be worthy of the trust immigrants are putting in our country.

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